With our analytic web dashboard we want to help customer success managers of especially SME businesses in DACH and all over the world to fully concentrate on the contact with their customers and don't waste your time on long and complicated analysis of their customer base as we experienced in the past. For this we have developed the easy_CSM web dashboard with our partner HiTech Buddies.


How to use our dashboard?

What our software as a service (SaaS) helps you with


Easy handling of a high number of customers

The analytic dashboard shows you which customer you should contact first.

You can fully concentrate on the customer and don't waste your time on long and complicated analysis.


A single source of truth

Profit from one unified overview about the current health score of all customers within’ one dashboard instead of several data sources which would need to be combined with much effort!


Recommended actions based on relevant KPIs

Predefined recommended actions help you and your customer success managers to improve their service quality which influences the Health Score of customers.

Possibility to define your own recommended actions (in planning)


Your cost savings/ return on invest (ROI)

Less churn, more upselling


The easiest customer success tool

No programming necessary

Why you should use a customer success tool:


Easy handling of a high number of customers


All necessary KPIs within’ one dashboard


Recommended actions based on relevant KPIs


Less churn, more upselling

Why you should use easy_CSM:


Less costs then equivalent customer success tools, same quality


Reduced to minimum, no unnecessary features which distract from details/ destroy focus


No programming necessary

Intro Price €14.99 +taxes


Get Started
  • The plan includes one master admin account with ZenDesk. Other integrations like LiveAgent are possible on demand.
  • If you miss any integration, please let us know and we will evaluate the possibility and the effort to integrate.

Intro Price €14.99 + taxes / month / account

  • One master admin account
  • All current integrations included
  • 100 customers covered
  • Each additional agent cost €9.99/month
  • Each 100 additional customers cost €4.99/month


14 days free trial then -> https://easycsm.de#plans, extra costs for tools which should be implemented (ZenDesk)
Do you offer special prices/ negotiations for e.g. NGOs? - With our service and prices we are targeting small and medium-sized enterprises as well as NGOs but ask for your understanding that we can’t lower the price although we would really like to support NGOs and other institutions like this.

Monthly prepaid via PayPal subscription without taxes

Right now we support ZenDesk Support Suite Team (to use the Zendesk time tracking app you need Growth). Further integrations as LiveAgent will follow. Please contact us through info@easycsm.de and let us know which data source you are missing. Thank you

The connection to your Zendesk account will be done by a single sign-on.

The service is a self-service. Nevertheless there is the option to contact us thorugh support@easycsm.de whenever you need help and we try to help you as soon as possible.


Got a problem? We are happy to help.

Contact us under info@easycsm.de.