What are the tasks of a customer success manager?

To the tasks of a customer success manager belong

  • Onboarding
  • Customer Training
  • Customer Education
  • Account Management
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Issue Resolution
  • Financial tasks
  • Feedback
  •

Challenges in customer success and how to overcome them

With the dashboard of easy_CSM you are able to concentrate on customers having a negative Health Score first where the risk to churn is mostly higher than for others. To improve and secure this we are trying to implement as much key performance indicators (KPIs) as possible and are offering a possibility to give them a weightage. Overall, this results is an individual for your needs calculated Health Score Read more...

How to calculate the customer Health Score

When we have founded a customer success department within’ our company we’ve first made research on what a customer success team is, which tasks does a customer success manager has, etc. Soon we’ve found out that, within’ customer success departments, an indicator about the status of a customer will be calculated called “Health Score”. Customers will be splitted in green, yellow and red based on measurable and defined KPIs. (key performance indicators) But how to define such KPIs and calculate a Health Score based on these? Read more...