What are the tasks of a customer success manager?

To the tasks of a customer success manager belong

  • Onboarding
  • Customer Training
  • Customer Education
  • Account Management
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Issue Resolution

Financial Tasks

  • Upselling and Cross-Selling
  • Renewal Management


  • Feedback Collection
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Product Feedback

Further tasks

  • Strategic Planning
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Churn Prevention

Overall Task

  • Health Monitoring

That's a lot!

That's why we from easy_CSM offer a dashboard where you can easily monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like

  • Balance KPI
  • Feedback KPI
  • Touchpoint KPI
  • Agent rating
  • ...

Resulting in a calculated customer Health Score with (possibility to define) recommended actions for each KPI.

Balance KPI

The Balance KPI gives you and your admins an indicator whether this is a profitable customer or whether you are losing money with him and gives you recommended actions how to improve.

Feedback KPI

The Feedback KPI helps you to analyze how helpful the support of your company is/ was for your customer to maybe improve your support/ service or in best case to use it for marketing best practices/ use cases.

This can be used in addition to an app measuring the Net promoter score (NPS) or by itself.

Touchpoint KPI

The Touchpoint KPI gives you and your administrators an indicator of whether the ticket handler was able to resolve the customer's concern with one answer or needed several. Ideally, the customer provides all the necessary information when the ticket is created, so that the ticket processor does not have to ask any questions, but can solve the ticket directly and no further questions arise or remain unanswered from the customer. Otherwise, appropriate measures can be taken using appropriate action recommendations defined in advance or by administrators in order to reduce the number of touchpoints to a minimum and avoid unnecessary ticket ping-pong/back and forth between the customer and the ticket processor. This should be the aim solely for reasons of efficiency and time savings.


The SLA KPI serves you and your administrators as an indicator of whether the SLAs promised to the customer can/could be met and to what extent. If the SLAs of several customers are exceeded or those of one customer are permanently exceeded, it must be further analyzed why this is the case and appropriate countermeasures can be taken using appropriate action recommendations defined in advance or by administrators. For example, loosen the agreed SLAs (for new customers), better train the team that is responsible for adhering to the SLAs, increase their size, or something similar. Regardless of which measure helps to ensure compliance with the SLAs in the future, compliance with them should be a very high, if not the highest, priority in your company, as non-compliance with them often has costly consequences and often quickly leads/can lead to high levels of frustration and in consequence termination of customers.

Tip: Make the internally defined SLAs a little stricter than those communicated to yourcustomers and check whether they can be adhered to. Otherwise, adjust!

Coming soon

Provision/ commission

Customer Success Managers should soon be able to see whether they have fulfilled their target with this customer or not and in case of not, should be able to concentrate on those with high potential to reach their goal.

In planning

  • Number of open invoices
    A high number of open invoices is always no good sign. The customer might churn. That's why we want to implement this as an additional KPI.
  • Agent rating
    Customer Success Managers often have a good feeling for their customers. But currently the right KPI is missing to measure it. That's why we are working on it so that also Customer Success Managers are able to influence the Health Score by their rating in future
  • Further cool features are planned, but we can't/don't want to say much about them at the moment. Please feel free to contact us if you are missing a feature so that we can inform you if it is already on our roadmap or if we can think about implementing the feature. Thank you in advance!